The spring/ summer festival season is fast approaching and it seems that every day we’re reporting on the arrival of a brand new event or the return of an old favourite. There’s excitement in the air, folks, you can just feel it.

One of the staples of the Australian festival experience is the camping festival. What’s better than immersing yourself in the festival experience for an entire weekend? Sleeping in nature with friends both old and new?

To make sure our readers are well-prepared for the upcoming camping¬†festival¬†season and get to enjoy it comfortably and safely, we’ve put together a few tricks and hacks that we’ve picked up at festivals around Australia.

Freeze Bottles Of Water

Instead of filling your cooler with ice blocks, which will melt and leave you with a tub full of yucky water, fill up a 1-2 litre bottle with water, freeze it, and boom, no mess solution. Plus, when it melts, you've got a bottle of refreshingly cool water.

Make Your Own Instant Lantern

No dough for one of those fancy lanterns to light your way around your campsite or illuminate your tent? No problem. Just get a jug of water and shine a torch or a headlamp into it for a (very) crude but (rather) useful makeshift lantern. Pro tip: add a little bleach to the water for a brighter shine.

Pack A Tarp

Tarps have countless uses and they're indispensable during camping. Bring a tarp and set it down on your campsite to make walking around barefoot a little more comfortable or use it to provide extra shade in the sun. The possibilities are limitless.

Bring Extra Earplugs

Earplugs are an essential carry item when attending any concert or festival, but they especially come in handy when you're at a camping festival. In addition to protecting your hearing from amplified noise, you'll find it easier getting to sleep with all the noise in the campsite blocked out.

Cool (& Dry) Kids Wear Ponchos

Ponchos are an absolute godsend. They're protect you from the rain, but they're not as bulky and cumbersome as a thick jacket and you also don't have to worry about getting them dirty. If you want to save some cash, just cut a hole through a tarp.

Give Your Tent A Flag

One of the most frustrating parts about camping festivals can be actually finding your campsite, so take the guess work out of it by making yours really easy to find with a flag... or a balloon... or really anything to mark your campsite.

Duct Tape Is Your Best Friend

Duct tape is indispensable in life and particularly useful when camping. The general rule of thumb is: if it doesn't move and should, you use WD40; if shouldn't move and does, you use duct tape. You're going to encounter a lot of moving stuff that shouldn't be moving when camping.

Keep A Coffee Stash

Camping is a chilled and relaxing way to spend a weekend. Music festivals involve lots of walking, dancing, and jumping around, with the added stress of setting up a tent. You're going to need coffee and lots of it, so brew a tonne of it before you arrive and pour it into a bunch of plastic bottles.

The Bum Bag Is Back

Just leave your dignity at the door. Music festivals are way easier to get through when you stop worrying about how sexy you look. Besides, we have it on good authority the bum bag is on its way back. It's the perfect carry system for your cash, your phone, and anything else and it's not as bulky as a backpack.

The Glory Of Wet Wipes

Like duct tape, if you don't bring a good cache of wet wipes with you, you're asking for trouble. Wet wipes can be used for just about everything, from acting as a makeshift shower, a quick refresher, a first aid tool, and all-round disinfectant.

Zip Lock Bags

Rain, mud, dirt, dust, the list goes on and they're all murder for your possessions, especially expensive, intricate ones like your phone. Protect your things by keeping them in a waterproof and/or zip lock bag.