This weeks mixtape features David Byrne & St.Vincent with the first single of their forthcoming album, Unknown Mortal Orchestra,  Jonanthan Boulet’s (Jonti Remix), Kate Nash, First Aid Kit and Twin Shadow.

David Byrne & St.Vincent – Who

St.Vincent may have just released her third album, Strange Mercy, last year, but that’s not stopping her from gearing up for a collaborative album with David Byrne. The album is entitled Love This Giant and is out this September. ‘Who’ is the first taste of whats to come and the track is built around a horn ensemble. St. Vincent and Byrne croon with jazz textures that have a modern twist

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – I’ll Come Back 4 U

Fans have had their fingers cross for more psychelicious sounds from Unknown Mortal Orchestra following the garage-come-60s-trip-hop milieu of their 2011 debut. Arriving courtesy of a compilation from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, “I’ll Come Back 4 U” is the a brand new (Prince-letter styled) offering from the NZ via Portland trio that displays their awesome knack for mixing dubbed up production with delicious hooks. Indulge!

Jonanthan Boulet – This Song is Called Ragged (Jonti Remix)

A good remix should always enhance the original. So it’s no surprise that Jonti has amplified the percussion on this drum heavy track.  Add in a dark and ominious backing beat with Boulet’s vocals echoing through and Jonti turns the song into a mystifying piece of composition. Yet he strips back the song midway through to pay homage to the songs lyrics

Kate Nash – Under-estimate the Girl

Remember when Kate Nash was following far to closely to Lilly Allen’s footsteps? You probably won’t after listening to this. Nash is either trollin’ the music world or seriously reconsidering her pop image as she trades it in for punk on this latest track. With her third album set to be released later this year, ‘Under-estimate the Girl’ was thrown up online after it was written, recorded and produced in twenty-four hours. Have a listen, you’re bound to be shocked, for better or worse.

Twin Shadow – Five Seconds

The 80s have been truly resurrected (although we hope mullets are buried deep enough), with the spectre of cheesy-synths-past creeping into indie-electro since the first hipster ripped off A-Ha and posted it on Soundcloud. Most of it feels insipid and recycled, but Twin Shadow is an exception to the rule. ‘Five Seconds’ is packed with new-wavey guitar riffs, distant heavy breathing, and urgent snares beating like a teenage girl’s heart on prom night. He’s taken the best of the genre – the laughable but absorbing melodrama – and volleyed it right back with force. A video has just been released featuring bikie gangs, chains, and homoeroticism. Mmm.

First Aid Kit – The Lions Roar

This single off the album of the same name is a loving ode from two Swedish sisters to nostalgic American folk. Their vocal harmonies are gorgeous and precise, but still earthy and honest, and the flutes are a sweet touch. It’s a nice song to share with your dad who finds modern music confusing and frightening.

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