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Clip Produced and Directed by Bryce McCoy & Vidad Narayan

Released globally on ITunes and Spotify on July 13 2012, Euphoria is the first single taken from Melbourne quintet Red Ink’s second EP The Colour Age.

Euphoria is a carefully crafted indie pop gem, the track was initially conceived a number of years ago when singer/lyricist John Jakubenko came up with the vocal melody and some lyrics that would later form the skeleton for the track now known as Euphoria.

During an introspective moment in late 2011, the band reintroduced the melody to an idea they had been working on. A series of soaring and interestingly melodic guitar parts, intricate yet accessible drum and bass ideas created the steady footwork of the song.

At its core, Euphoria is a romantic gesture – a declaration of adoration and paints a beautiful picture of first love.

In the meantime, the band are offering a free download of the single here: