Well, the Splendour in the Grass 2017 lineup is here, and it’s as monstrous and all-encompassing as we’ve come to expect, with Queens of the Stone Age and The xx leading a list of names that boasts everyone from huge internationals like LCD Soundsystem to local breakouts like Tash Sultana and Amy Shark.

It’ll be a long wait until July, so for now we’re contenting ourselves with revisiting a bunch of songs from all of these acts, and what better way to do that than with a playlist.

It’s ridiculously tough to narrow it down and there are a bunch we’ve missed, but we’ve hand-picked 40 songs that we’re particularly keen to hear live at Splendour, putting together a selection that runs from the big names like QOTSA and Royal Blood sitting at the top, all the way through to the promising newcomers like Alice Ivy and Middle Kids.

Of course, lineup clashes, exhaustion, and the sheer distance between stages will all conspire to make catching every one an impossible task, but here’s a selection of tracks we’re already hanging to hear live.