In the new age of Spotify playlists, you don’t always feel like listening to an album – instead, you might be in a particular mood. Foo Fighters understand. Sometimes, you might feel like a bit of the heavier stuff, while at others times you’d rather slow things down.You might feel like listening to Nirvana instead.

While it won’t help in that third scenario, Foo Fighters’ new “mixtape generator” is here to help you out when you want to listen to some Fooeys, but not all of it.

Up now on the band’s website, it’s designed to fire out a custom playlist for you based on a desired “vibe”, as well as a certain era, so you can separate your ‘Everlong’ from your ‘My Hero’ with little fuss.

The only tracks it doesn’t cover, of course, are the ones that are rumoured to be just around the corner on a brand new album, including new track ‘The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’, which debuted live this week.

So, this “mixtape generator” isn’t quite as romantic as having someone recording tracks off the radio onto a cassette for you, but it does at least have a sweet old-school interface, and you can give it a try here.