Community radio music directors often have an encyclopedic knowledge of local music and an insatiable thirst to keep their ears ahead of the curve. So in this Tone Deaf series, the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) invites music directors to highlight new Aussie tunes that you might have missed.

In this edition, Amelia Jenner from FBi Radio in Sydney contributes with a selection of tracks currently making their way to community radio through Amrap’s music distribution service ‘AirIt’.

Check out Amelia’s selections below and if you’re a musician you can apply here to have your music distributed for free to community radio on Amrap’s AirIt.

Neighbourhood Void – ‘All Strung Out’

Neighbourhood Void’s debut album Childhood Trauma is punk at its most brutally honest. ‘All Strung Out’ is one of the standout tracks from release. The album absolutely floored me the first time I heard it. I’ve listened to it almost daily since its release back in February and I still continue to be floored by it.  Please listen to this!

Gauci – ‘Hurry’

Gauci is a new-ish trio made up of Felix Lush (of Felix Lush & Publique) alongside siblings Antonia Gauci (Producer/Engineer) and David Gauci (of Las Vagueness & Death Bells). So far ‘Hurry’ is their only single, but damn it’s good! I guess they didn’t heed their own advice and hurry out with another track but hey, I reckon it will be worth the wait given how strong their debut is. Gauci, in their own words, are like Neapolitan ice-cream, but more punk. I’d have to agree.

Statue – ‘Monument’

Tom Gould is one talented guy. As a member of Melbourne’s No Zu and World’s End Press he’s demonstrated his aptitude behind the tubs. This really comes through in the music he produces as Statue. His Monument EP released late last year is 10% percussion and 90% humidity.  Put this on and try not to sweat, I dare you.  Also, the Moscoman remix? YIKES!

Rebel Yell – ‘Take Away’

The pulsating rhythm of Take Away is sound your heart makes at a rave. My palms are sweating just thinking about it.

Grace Stevenson’s debut EP under the guise of Rebel Yell (she is also in Bris band 100%) is a journey through the pulsating techno tunnels of the underground. Let Rebel Yell be your tour guide. She knows these parts well.

Casii Williams – ‘How Can I Live’

I have to admit, I hadn’t heard much about the Desert Divas program until this track made its way into my inbox a few weeks ago. I was trying to have a conversation with someone while this song was playing in the background but Casii stopped us both in our tracks. It was too powerful to wash away into the background. Wait for the drums to hit at 1.35 – Mmmm… My only gripe with this track is I want another minute!

‘How Can I Live’ is one of the standout tracks from Desert Divas Volume II, a fabulous compilation which celebrates the talent from remote communities in the Northern Territory. The Desert Divas program is a unique partnership offering support for Aboriginal women to develop their song-writing skills, learn about all aspects of the music industry and provides a platform to share their individual stories.

Divide and Dissolve – ‘Black Is Beautiful’

Black Is Beautiful is the sparse drone-like opener on Divide and Dissolve’s new album Basic. The album Divide and Dissolve have crafted is anything but basic. It’s guttural, primal, distorted but most of all its important.

The Australian neoclassical ambient doom duo, Divide and Dissolve stand firmly for the decolonization of all spaces, and the eradication of white supremacy. If you engage with one album this week, make it this one.