Following from yesterday’s awful news of a founder of hardcore NYC punk band stabbing and biting his former bandmates, a violent outbreak at a recent Swedish House Mafia show in Dublin resulted in nine people injured and another dead in an unrelated incident.

Currently on their farewell tour following the announcement they’d be calling it a day after four years, the electronic trio were playing the Irish city’s Phoenix Park Music Festival, when their show was marred by one man stabbing up to four concert-goers, and another five injured during a fight involving knives and broken bottles that erupted shortly afterward.

According to BillboardIrish police arrested 22-year-old Raymond Donnan in connection with the stabbing of four people and a “significant number of unprovoked attacks.” Donnan appeared in Dublin’s Central Court on Monday 9th July, and was charged with assault causing harm, knife possession, violent disorder and public order offences. It’s still unclear what caused Donnan’s attacks or the resulting fracas that left three victims seriously injured and one left in a critical condition.

Compounding the crowd violence, in an unrelated incident, another man in his 20s died at the show of a suspected drug overdose. Police are investigating further into both cases, and had already arrested approximately 30 people in connection to the tragic events, with many charged with assault and drug possession at the 45,000 strong concert; which also featured performances from Snoop Dogg, Tinie Tempah and Calvin Harris.

Accusations of lax security are already being levelled at concert promoters, MCD. But spokesperson, Denis Desmond, says they took every necessary precaution in regards to their event management. Releasing an official statement over the incidents saying:

“Ticket holders entering the site were subject to a search permissible by law. Every precaution, as far as possible, was taken to ensure the safety and security of the audience at all times. Despite our best efforts – with security and gardaí personnel levels well in excess of the required numbers for a licensed event of this size – there is only so much one can do to combat anti-social behaviour.”

Swedish House Mafia released their own public statement via their Facebook page saying they had no knowledge of what was happening during their performance, but are still co-operating with festival promoters and Irish authorities.

“We played a festival in Ireland at the weekend and reports of incidents are coming to us. We didn’t see anything but have asked for all the info and are respectful of the promoter’s need to wait and give us all the clear facts. When we know more we will liase with the Festival promoter directly on what we can do to help but for now we have to respect their request to us that we remain quiet and respectful of their event safety processes. The festival itself was amazing and we had no idea this had happened and neither did the other numerous artists who played. Once we know all the facts we will deal with it in the best way we can. Thank you. Swedish House Mafia.”