Despite the fact that there’s been plenty of renewed activity in the A Perfect Circle camp, fans have still been left wondering when the group’s new record is set to drop. Following rumours of a late 2018 release date, a new interview with guitarist Billy Howerdel indicates that we won’t be waiting too long at all.

The last few months have had fans of A Perfect Circle getting very excited, with news that the band are set to release a new album in 2018 – their first in 14 years. Following the release of two singles, ‘The Doomed’ and ‘Disillusioned’, the next question is in regards to when the full record is dropping. However, it seems as though we’ll only be waiting a couple of months.

Speaking to to the 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield podcast, Billy Howerdel admitted that the record is almost completely finished. “We are gonna be finished imminently. I’d say in the next several weeks we will be done with this record,” he revealed.

“But everything exponentially starts happening quicker and quicker towards the end. I think where we’re at – just getting my studio sea legs back from being on the road,” he continued. “My rig just got picked up from my house about an hour ago, it’s going down to the studio in Hollywood, we’re gonna track some more stuff down there right now. So this record has been tracked in a lot of different studios around town.

“We are certainly past the half way point and I’d say Maynard’s probably further along than I am musically. At least with the finished tracks. The songs are there but there’s tidying up to do there on some stuff there.”

As for when the album is actually going to see the light of day, Howerdel stated, “Well, the second quarter is what we’ve always been on track to put this album.”

So while it looks as though we’ve only got a few months until we receive the band’s new, as-yet-untitled album, we at least have an idea about how long it will take until frontman Maynard James Keenan gets back to work on that new Tool album. (We hope.)

Check out A Perfect Circle’s ‘Disillusioned’: