It’s been a long time coming, but an Aussie venue has finally gone ahead and banned phones and cameras. Yes, Sydney club night Number56 have officially barred mobiles and cameras from the dance floor.

Speaking to The Music, the promoters of the event said they’ve gone ahead with the ban in order to “recreate the atmosphere that Berlin has become famous for… people can be themselves, concentrate on the music and have adventures with their friends”.

Revellers entering the club will be asked to hand over their devices to security staff upon entering the venue. The seized items will then be stored away in secure lockers where they can’t be used to take selfies, Snapchats, videos of their sweet dance moves, and whatever else you kids do these days.

Number56 will host their next event on 25th June, with a lineup featuring the likes of Christian Vance, Trinity, Felix Warmuth, and more. It remains to be seen whether the promoters’ new policy results in a massive turnout of luddite revellers or radio silence from punters unwilling to give up their precious electronics.

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