Earlier this week, Adele kicked off the first show of a four-night residency at the legendary Wembley Stadium. During the first show of the tour, Adele hinted that these shows might just be her last before a potential retirement from touring. Now, medical advice has meant that Adele has had to cancel the final two shows of the tour, and potentially, her touring career.

When Adele performed at London’s Wembley Stadium on Wednesday night, a note was handed to attendees in which Adele stated that these shows could be her last. Of course, the language was somewhat ambiguous, and Adele might have just been referring to the finale of her current tour, however many media outlets have taken it to mean it is possibly the last tour that Adele will perform.


However, now that there are only two shows left for Adele’s four-night residency, doctor’s advice has forced the singer to cancel the final two shows, scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday. In a note posted to her Twitter, Adele explains the situation and apologises profusely, saying that the previous shows have damaged her vocal cords, and that she has been given medical advice which means that she cannot perform the final two shows of her current tour.

Of course, if the predictions of Adele’s retirement from touring are true, then this means that the singer has already played the last shows of her touring career. While at this stage, it is unclear as to whether or not the cancelled shows will be rescheduled in the future, refunds have been available for disappointed fans. Regardless, this is a rough situation for both Adele and her fans to be in, so we wish her all the best, and hope that stages around the world haven’t seen the last of her just yet.