Melbourne band The Demon Parade has just released a new single entitled ‘All The Cool Kids’. Don’t let their name fool you, the band of four don’t belt out tunes of Satanic worship or perform clad in leather and studs like you might expect. The boys’ music – which has been gaining huge audiences since the launch of their debut EP in 2010 – is self described psychedelic rock. They sound like the unique breed of mid-90s 60s revival made famous by Pulp and The Brian Jonestown Massacre (the latter of which the band toured with) and they pull it off without a hitch.

All The Cool Kids by The Demon Parade by showoffservices

While their sound is decidedly 60s, The Demon Parade don’t come of the least bit dated and manage to keep things fresh thanks in large part to lead singer, Michael Badger – who sounds a lot like Craig Nicholls (The Vines)’s pipes and if their touring history is anything to go by, the boys are sure to blow up soon enough and ‘All The Cool Kids’ might just be the single that does it.

The band are continuing to play shows for the rest of 2011 and their debut album is set to be released in March of next year.