Andrew W.K, the American rock’n’roll musician, performer, TV host, nightclub owner, Grammy-nominated producer, writer and motivational speaker, is bringing his “party hard” philosophy to Australian audiences this January. Infamous for his bloody nose, long black hair and white outfits, Andrew’s style is often both as shocking as it is exhilarating. Since he began his career in 2000, his fans (or as he prefers, “friends”) have embraced his “party hard” lifestyle with endless passion. With the release of his first album in 2001, I Get Wet, Andrew W.K. was quickly catapulted to notoriety, and has been living his mysterious career in and frequently out of the public eye ever since.

After a legendary Meredith Festival set in 2007, the conspiracy theories about him have been flying around , with a whole website set up to investigating the rumours around who he really is. If you’ve got time to kill it makes for interesting reading, but in essence it alleges that he and various scheming svengalis created his persona and that in the past he has had doubles perform in his place. What do you think? Check it out here:

With great supports, you might just have to head along and check it out for yourself.

Supported by Royal Headache and Levins
Tuesday 25 January
Tickets: Ph 1300 438 849

Supported by Barbarion and Fee B2
Saturday 29 January
Tickets: Ph 1300 843 443
& Polyester Records

Check him out at Meredith in 2007