Angry Anderson, the legendary frontman for Australian rock icons Rose Tattoo, has revealed that he is considering trading the life of a musician in for a chance to run for federal parliament. Many fans were shocked when during the last federal election campaign he appeared in ads for the Liberal Party, so it comes with little surprise this time he’s looking to run as an MP for Liberal bedfellows The Nationals.

The 63 year old joined The Nationals last week and is thought to be preparing to seek preselection for the next federal election. Preselection for The Nationals doesn’t begin for some time however federal director Brad Henderson told The Age that Anderson would be treated as any other potential candidate. “It’s up to the preselectors to determine it,” he said.

Liberal backbencher Jamie Briggs said of news that Angry was considering running “If Angry runs for a seat and he wins it then that would be fantastic, Angry’s obviously passionately against the carbon tax, he’s passionately against a prime minister who told a lie before the last election and there are many, many thousands of Australians out there who are.”

But understandably not everyone is excited about the prospect of another rock n roll singer entering politics. “This is a man who’s going to be running for The Nationals on a plank of New World Order and I think somebody who will finally make Barnaby Joyce, with his confusion of millions and billions, look sane” said Labor backbencher Andrew Leigh.

Anderson led anti-carbon tax rallies in Sydney and Canberra this year and also has written on his personal website that the carbon tax is part of a global conspiracy. Over the weekend Anderson said that he grew up in a family of Labor supporters but the party had lost its soul.

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