An overzealous security guard has irked members of metal band Anthrax after singer Joey Belladonna was crash tackled to the ground during a show in Los Angeles.

The incident happened towards the end of their set when an over excited fan jumped on stage and ran up to Belladonna who tried to stop him from causing any havoc. However Belladonna should have been looking out for the easily excitable security because seconds later he was tackled to the floor and held at the bottom of a scrum as more guards joined in.

Bassist Frank Bello was the first band member to realise what had happened and immediately stopped playing, proceeding to hurl abuse at the guards whilst Belladonna continued to be crushed. Seeing the mayhem the remaining members of the band who had not seen the incident ground to a halt and went over the investigate.

After the minute-long incident guitarist Scott Ian told the crowd “It’s pretty smart to tackle the singer. Fucking geniuses working here, huh? I guess they haven’t seen him up here on stage for the last 90 minutes. He’s in the band!”

After a short delay Anthrax continued the show with Belladonna taking the microphone and announcing “Sorry about that. I’m going to have a sore ass tomorrow – I know that!”

You can watch the footage of the incident below, and don’t forget to check out slideshow of when things go wrong on stage in The Band Vs The Fan.