Just one week after news came to light that The Voice judge Delta Goodrem had lost her license for speeding offences, news has come to light that Goodrem’s recent ad for Apple Music has been removed from broadcast for setting ‘a bad example’ for young drivers.

As The Sydney Morning Herald reports, Goodrem’s ad, which features the singer “in the passenger seat of a convertible car, singing and dancing to music she has selected from Apple Music”, received a barrage of complaints in regards to the singer’s actions. In the ad, Goodrem is seen singing and dancing to her perfect playlist, all while not wearing a visible seatbelt.

In the Advertising Standards Bureau’s report in regards to they ad, they state that a number of viewers took issues with Goodrem’s actions. “This ad does not promote safe driving,” one complaint began. “At one point a part of Delta’s body is outside the vehicle while it is moving. The driver is distracted by singing and dancing type body movements. And it appears that at least Delta is not wearing a seatbelt.” While another complaint read: “As a role model for young people this is setting a terrible example to young drivers and passengers at a time when statistics show us how at risk this age group is on the road.”

Apple responded to the complaint, stating that “Apple takes community standards seriously in preparing and publishing all of its advertising materials and other communications in Australia,” and that they are confident the ad does not breach any advertising guidelines. They did also state that “The individuals in the vehicle were both wearing lap seat belts at all times while the vehicle was being driven, and the advertisement does not contain any images suggesting otherwise.”

After a review, the ASB ruled that broadcasters were to stop airing the ad until it had been edited by Apple. Apple responded by stating that they were “disappointed” with the ruling,  as they take “health and safety very seriously.” However, they have said they will comply with making edits so as to show that it is made “abundantly clear that the driver and passenger are both wearing seatbelts.”

Check out a slightly edited (and much better) version Delta Goodrem’s banned Apple Music ad below.