Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era: 1965-1968 – or more simply put, just Nuggets – is arguably the most influential compilation in music history.

For those who weren’t around during this pivotal time in music history, the original Nuggets was released in 1972, pulling together killer tracks from 27 Stones/Beatles wannabes from mid-to-late ’60s America. In doing so, it identified the genre we now know as ‘garage rock’ and helped set the foundations for what was to become punk rock a few years later.

The influential compilation defined a mind-set that went on to influence punk, grunge, and subsequent generations of garage-rockers, from the Cramps to Nirvana, from the White Stripes to Australia’s very own Tame Impala.

Now, in celebration of the original Nuggets‘ 40th anniversary, Australia’s new breed of indie acts have payed tribute to Lenny Kaye’s landmark collection of tunes by covering a selection of 60s originals for a new Nuggets compilation released through Warner Music Australia.[do action=”pullquote-2″]One of three releases due for November 23 to celebrate the compilation’s legacy, the new edition of covers will feature recordings from Eagle & The Worm, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and more[/do]

One of three releases due for November 23 to celebrate the compilation’s legacy, the new edition of covers, entitled Nuggets: Antipodean Interpolations of the First Psychedelic Era, will feature new recordings from Eagle & The Worm, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Laurels, The Murlocs and Tame Impala side-project Pond.

Along with a selection of bands at the forefront of the scuzzy, garage rock genre, such as The Straight Arrows, The Frowning Clouds, Gooch Palms, Velociraptor, Baptism of Uzi, Step-Panther, and more.

Lenny Kaye has given this new generation his personal stamp of approval in a specially written introduction, as does long-time Australian-music champion and garage rock fiend David Fricke, best known as the influential scribe from Rolling Stone.

Also available on November 23, for those in need of a history lesson, will be the 40th anniversary edition of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era: 1965-1968.

The remastered album, featuring the original, iconic 27 tracks, will also feature new liner notes by Lenny Kaye, available on CD, double-LP and digitally.

They’re not done celebrating yet. The third gem from the collection is Down Under Nuggets Original Australian Artyfacts 1965-67, a single CD collection of the best Australian garage-rock of the ’60s to go alongside the classic original release, complementing the garage nuggets with a selection of Australian gold.

This CD will feature the wildest Australian recordings from such outfits as The Missing Links, The Purple Hearts, The Black Diamonds, The Lost Souls, The Wild Cherries, The Loved Ones, The Throb and The Moods. Released on the revived Festival label, it features many tracks originally released by Festival back in the day.

Nuggets 40th Anniversary Releases

Nuggets: Antipodean Interpolations of the First Psychedelic Era
Down Under Nuggets: Original Australian Artyfacts 1965-67
Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era: 1965-1968ALL AVAILABLE FRIDAY 23 NOVEMBER

Nuggets: Antipodean Int1erpolations of the First Psychedelic Era1. Velociraptor – I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
2. Pearls – Dirty Water
3. The Straight Arrows – Lies
4. Tiny Migrants – A Public Execution
5. The Living Eyes – Oh Yeah
6. Davey Lane – Moulty
7. Palms – Don’t Look Back
8. Eagle and the Worm – An Invitation to Cry
9. Step-Panther – Liar Liar
10. The Laurels – You’re Gonna Miss Me
11. The Murlocs – Psychotic Reaction
12. Pond – Hey Joe
13. The Gooch Palms – Just Like Romeo and Juliet
14. Baptism of Uzi – Baby Please Don’t Go
15. The Frowning Clouds – Let’s Talk About Girls
16. Montero – My World Fell Down
17. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Open My Eyes
18. Bloods – Farmer John

Down Under Nuggets: Original Australian Artyfacts 1965-67

1. The Master’s Apprentices – Buried And Dead
2. The Elois – By My Side
3. Black Diamonds – I Want Need Love You
4. The Atlantics – Come On
5. The Purple Hearts – Early In The Morning
6. The Missing Links – Wild About You
7. The Creatures – Ugly Thing
8. Lost Souls – This Life of Mine
9. Moods – Rum Drunk
10. Derek’s Accent – Ain’t Got No Feeling
11. Bee Gees – Exit Stage Right
12. Barrington Davis – Raining Teardrops
13. In-Sect – Let This Be A Lesson
14. Steve & The Board – I Want
15. Toni McCann – No
16. Peter & The Silhouettes – Claudette Jones
17. The Five – There’s Time
18. Bobby & Laurie – No Next Time
19. MPD Ltd – I Am What I Am
20. The Cherokees – I’ve Gone Wild
21. The Loved Ones – The Love One
22. The Easybeats – Sorry
23. The Throb – Black
24. Bluebeats – She’s Comin’ Home
25. Phil Jones & The Unknown Blues – If I Had A Ticket
26. The Sunsets – The Hot Generation
27. Jeff St John & The Id – Eastern Dream
28. The Playboys – Sad
29. Bobby James Syndicate – Hey Hey Hey
30. Wild Cherries – Chrome Played Yabby

Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era: 1965-1968

1. Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
2. The Standells – Dirty Water
3. The Strangeloves – Night Time
4. The Knickerbockers – Lies
5. The Vagrants – Respect
6. Mouse – A Public Execution
7. The Blues Project – No Time Like The Right Time
8. The Shadows Of Knight – Oh Yeah
9. The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard
10. The Barbarians – Moulty
11. The Remains – Don’t Look Back
12. The Magicians – Invitation To Cry
13. The Castaways – Liar, Liar
14. The Thirteenth Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me
15. Count Five – Psychotic Reaction
16. The Leaves – Hey Joe
17. Michael And The Messengers – Just Like Romeo And Juliet
18. The Cryan Shames – Sugar And Spice
19. The Amboy Dukes – Baby Please Don’t Go
20. The Blues Magoos – Tobacco Road
21. Chocolate Watch Band – Let’s Talk About Girls
22. The Mojo Men – Sit Down I Think I Love You
23. The Third Rail – Run Run Run
24. Sagittarius – My World Fell Down
25. Nazz – Open My Eyes
26. The Premiers – Farmer John
27. The Magic Mushrooms – It’s-A-Happening