Over the weekend Australia nearly got its own answer to 50 Cent when Sydney-based Emcee Kerser was the target of an unsuccessful drive-by, perhaps the first notable report of such an incident in the Australian hip-hop scene.

The 24-year old hip hop artist had finished a performance at the Ferntree Gully Hotel as part of his ‘Do The Kers’ tour, when a hail of gunfire tore up his his entourage’s hotel room the following morning. No-one was injured in the attack but Kerser and his management team were forced to cancel the following night’s performance at Chelsea Heights, and subsequently the rest of the planned tour.

Though none of the assailants have been identified, the outspoken MC was quick to cockily dismiss the attack in a post issued on his Facebook page about the incident:

“Chelsea heights show cancelled tonite as we got a drive by shooting at our hotel this morning, not one hit us dog,we know who u are gronk, promoters tryna shut down the movemeant and cancel most our shows coz somehow thats my fault… Fuck the whole scene and every hater!!”

Interestingly that original post, along with a spate of others, have been deleted from his Facebook account, but Kerser also took to his Twitter, first claiming to know the identity of the shooter, or ‘gronk,’ in question:

Then later, in response to a fan, offering further details suggesting that the shooting arose out of some one-on-one aggravation:

Finally, the cocky MC offered up this tweet about the shooting and the impending reshuffled performances:  

In light of the attack, Kerser and his management have postponed the remaining dates of the tour with an official statement on the shooting and updates concerning new dates to be issued shortly.