A Melbourne metal act has stormed off their first ever American tour, citing the tour promoter’s poor co-ordination and communication over their US schedule with metal acts.

According to The Music, trash metal band 4ARM, fresh from playing the 2012 Download Festival in the UK, have today posted an announcement via their Facebook page that “4ARM have been forced to walk off The Zombie Apocalypse Tour owing to sub-standard arrangements and communications on behalf of the tour promoters, Nemesis Records.”

They also posted the following image saying, “as an example, the accompanying photo is of an actual venue at which the band were expected to perform. Needless to say, this was the final straw triggering 4ARM’s exit from a poorly organised and misinformed operation”

Additionally, the metal quartet added they “warn all bands to exercise caution in dealings with Nemesis Records. 4ARM apologise to fans who were planning on attending any of the US dates, but would like to assure them of a return to the US under better circumstances.”

If the discussion over the band’s post is anything to go by, their decision to walk from the tour is already getting mixed responses. Some supporting 4ARM for shielding their integrity while others are critiquing the band of elitism and dodging out of commitments.

In response, the four-piece further elaborated on Nemesis Records’ allegedly shoddy planning, “we were given no gas money, or even an itinerary as to where the venues are, or load in times, set times or line ups. Zero organisation!”

The 20-date national tour also featured the likes of Casket Of Cassandra, Prey For Sleep, Short Fuse and fellow Australian act, Depirvation. The latter regional NSW-based act  have actually come out in support of The Zombie Apocalypse Tour, the band taking to their own Facebook page to Nemesis’ defence.

“A lot has been said about The Zombie Apocalypse Tour that are completely false,” writes Deprivation, adding “Nemesis Records has been nothing been to us! There is always more to the story… Dont believe the hype or gossip about this tour.”

Of the shanty-looking venue that was the “final straw” for 4ARM, Deprivation have said that the “the place was insane! The bands tore it up and the fans in the pit went ape shit!” Adding that “we are not here to start any negative bullshit. They [4ARM] wanted off the tour – fine. Good luck. We are having a blast and the show last nite (sic) was legend. So many people killed that shack!”

Depirvation also urged fans to post their support to the tour promoters, while Nemesis themselves are yet to comment on the touring controversy. Meanwhile, 4ARM have “soldiered on” and booked their next gig at LA’s Whiskey A Go Go for this Friday.

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