Australia’s best Aussie rock road trip, Up The Guts, is back once again, and is set to kick off this week with a killer performance at The Tote, in Melbourne, tomorrow night.

The Thursday-night show if the first in a run of 18 for the festival, and will serve as a send-off for the beloved tour-bus Gladys, before she starts making her way up towards Darwin with all the touring bands aboard.

Originally designed as “a throwback to the grassroots touring that Aussie pub rock was built on in the late ’70s and ’80s,” this year’s tour sees Dumb Punts, Loose Tooth, and Neighbourhood Youth all making the epic trip around the country on this phenomenal pub-rock trek. Along the way, they’ll also be joined by the supergroup Jack, Joe And Joe, made up of some returning veterans of last year’s festival, Jack Parsons of The Pretty Littles​, Jo Syme of Big Scary​, and Joe Alexander of Scott and Charlene’s Wedding.

Following the amazing reception that Up The Guts had last year, this year’s event is undoubtedly going to be one you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re able to make it the kick-off at The Tote tomorrow night, the final stop at Darwin’s Railway Club Hotel, or to one of the many stops along the way, Up The Guts is set to be one hell of a party, for punter and performer alike.

If you’re interested in what exactly is on offer, check out parts one, two, and three of last year’s tour diary, and be sure to check out the Up The Guts website to snap up a ticket to one of the shows.