We’ve all had this moments in the past where we let our judgement slip a little, only when the average person does it, it’s rarely something that will be seen outside of friends and family. However, US baseball team the Atlanta Braves, were forced to apologise to a number of fans of a visiting team for playing a rather inappropriate song during their most recent game.

As The Washington Post reports, the Atlanta Braves were recently being praised for their welcoming and charitable efforts towards those displaced by Hurricane Irma in the US.

Free tickets for Thursday night’s baseball game in Atlanta were given to residents of the Florida, Georgia and South Carolina areas who were affected by evacuation orders in the southern states. However, what started as a friendly gesture soon turned into an embarrassing incident, with the Braves being left red-faced.

As the same publication reports, during the Atlanta Braves’ game against the Miami Marlins, the stadium’s P.A. system began playing the Scorpions’ classic track ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane,’ which, considering the circumstances, didn’t go down too well.

In a Tweet from Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald, it was noted that an official for the Atlanta Braves apologised soon after, saying that the track was on their regular playlist, but was supposed to have been left out of this game in light of the recent events.

Notably, the same song had seen some similar controversy back in 2006 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played the tune during a baseball game against the New Orleans Saints. This of course came only a matter of months after the devastating Hurricane Katrina caused extensive damage in New Orleans.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that a small lapse in judgement in terms of music has led to offence. Back in 2015, we reported on how car manufacturer Nissan chose the song ‘Cat’s In The Cradle’ for their television ad, clearly neglecting how the song’s artist, Harry Chapin, was tragically killed in a car accident years prior.

Then there was also the incident in which a Gumtree ad was posted, in which a vocalist was sought to form a Lostprophets tribute band. This of course, came only a couple of years after Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins was charged with a sickening array of child sex crimes.

While this is definitely an oversight that probably should have avoided, at least this is something that people will (hopefully) be able to look back on and laugh about in the near future.

Check out the offending song, the Scorpions’ ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’, below.