UPDATE: Beck just released a new single and clip, ‘Up All Night’

It’s been a bit of time in between drinks for Beck, who hasn’t released a record since 2014’s Morning Phase. Now, with the veteran alt-rocker announcing his new record is coming next month, he’s gone and given us a fresh new taste of it by playing one of the forthcoming tracks.

Back in July, music fans were given details about Beck’s new record a little prematurely, thanks to an online retailer who seemed to jump the gun. Thankfully, not long after this incident, Beck effectively confirmed the details on that listing, by confirming that his “complex” new record, titled Colors, is set for release in October,. Originally, the record was slated for a 2014 release, so naturally, fans have been hanging out for the very next taste.

As Pitchfork reports, Beck premiered his newest track, ‘No Distraction’, last night thanks to Gary Calamar’s radio show on US station KCRW. An upbeat, quirky number, Beck hasn’t officially released the song yet, but you can listen to it on KCRW’s website, or stream it below, from the 20:10 mark onwards.

Already we’ve been given a few other songs from Beck’s upcoming Colors album, with the legendary musician delivering ‘Dreams’ and ‘Wow’, in 2015 and 2016, respectively.  More recently though, he gave us the track ‘Dear Life’, which has managed to get a rather decent reception from online commentators. Beck is also set to deliver a brand new video in the coming days for ‘Up All Night’, which was previously released on the soundtrack to FIFA 17.

At this stage, we’ve got just over a month to wait until Beck drops his long-awaited album, Colors, the follow-up to his Grammy award-winning Morning Phase. Will this one manage to get him two Album Of The Year awards in a row, or will we be rather disappointed? Only time will tell, but needless to say, fans are getting pretty keen to see the long-awaited new album headed their way.

Check out the track list to Colors, and the previously-released single ‘Wow’, below.

Beck – ‘Colors’

1. ‘Colors’
2. ‘7th Heaven’
3. ‘I’m So Free’
4. ‘Dear Life’
5. ‘No Distraction’
6. ‘Dreams’
7. ‘Wow’
8. ‘Up All Night’
9. ‘Square One’
10. ‘Fix Me’