Back in July, a leaked announcement indicated that Beck’s new record was due for an October release, before it was confirmed just a few weeks later. Now, with Colors set to drop on Friday, Beck is selling special signed copies of his new record. The only catch is that the signature you’re paying for isn’t Beck’s – it’s MC Hammer’s.

As NME reports, US comic and music retailer Newbury Comics is selling copies of Beck’s new record, complete with a signature from the ‘U Can’t Touch This’ artist.

So, why is MC Hammer getting involved? Is it due to some unconfirmed guest appearance? Maybe he produced the record? Sorted out the artwork? Or maybe Beck sampled ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’ after using it as inspiration for the new record? Well, we’ll let Newbury Comics field this one.

According to a statement from Beck’s management, MC Hammer is in no way involved with the record. Rather, both Beck and MC Hammer are big fans of each other, and MC Hammer wanted to sign copies of the new record. In hindsight, we really don’t know what sort of explanation we were expecting.

MC Hammer did release a statement in regards to his involvement with the signing of the record, simply stating that “Colors is a great party record.”

Of course, there is a catch to all this: these MC Hammer-signed copies of the record will only ship to US addresses. So unless you have a US contact, you might need to wait a while for copies of these bad boys to show up on eBay, where we’re sure they’ll be listed for exorbitant amounts.

Beck’s Colors is out on Friday, take a listen to his most recent single, ‘Up All Night’, below.