A little under three years since the release of their last album The Cribs have returned to their original three-piece format but lost none of their knack for producing catchy garage rock. Brothers Ryan, Gary and Ross continue to deliver a distinctly British sound staying true to their heritage while still progressing their songwriting. Distortion, loud sing-a-long choruses and an overall feeling of wanting to jump around captures the mood of this new offering.

The albums single ‘Come On, Be A No-One’ definitely encapsulates the energy of the record with its shouting chorus, and will no doubt be a crowd pleaser live. If this record does anything it gives hope that there’s a band out there that makes you want to shout at the top of your lungs for more and louder. ‘Jaded Youth’ in particular emphases their instinct for a catchy chorus without discounting overall dynamics throughout the song. Final track ‘Arena Rock Encore with Full Cast’ is a good indication that The Cribs don’t take themselves too seriously and is perhaps a slight poke at where some recent indie rock bands have sought to move their sound. This album stays true to the cause.

– Gabe Andrews