Like most compilations do, Sia Furler’s marks the end of an era. In this case, to commemorate her decision to bow out of touring and promotion to concentrate on song-writing and production. While it reminds of her amassed collection of familiar hits, Best Of better serves to illustrate the fascinatingly unique evolution she’s undergone. From her origins as an indie chanteuse, guesting with chill-out stakeholders Zero 7, she gradually shifted to embrace the pop diva bursting to get out beneath. Most recently, on the chart-dwelling ‘Titanium’ with David ‘Sexy Bitch’ Guetta.

Fittingly, for someone whose career was defined as being the kooky maverick, it’s a charmingly uneven set. The full-blown pop fodder rubbing shoulders with introspective drama. Notably juxtaposing the colourful electro strut of ‘Bring Night’ with the ball-gown ballad, “My Love.”

Despite its eclectic delivery, it proves Sia as an artist capable of surfing the rough pop landscape on her own terms, rather than end up chasing its fickle waves.

– Al Newstead