Black Sabbath’s drummer Bill Ward is set to open an online store this week where he will be selling hundreds of pieces of gear from throughout his 50-year career.

There are full kits, individual pieces, over 150 drum heads, and numerous pieces of musical history up for purchase.

Of particular interest are the cymbals used on the band’s first three studio albums, and the kick drum used on the 1973 “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” tour, painted with a bat and the word ‘Black’ (presumably the ‘Sabbath’ was on another kick drum).

“Whoever gets this gear will get good karma,” Ward said. “I really hope the new owners will be able to feel the energy of it. Of course, I’m going to miss all of the gear – there’s some really nice history here – but if these items are going to drummers who will use them, then that warms my heart.”

The Official Bill Ward Reverb Shop will open on Wednesday, June 28.

Check out some of the gear up from grabs in the below video.