Reigning Aussie hip-hop heavyweights Bliss N Eso are back with a new single, a nifty little track called ‘Dopamine’.

Having kept quiet in the last couple of years, the Sydney three-piece made their return via a Facebook post yesterday evening, complete with a new track and promise of a new album.

‘Dopmaine’ is a true return to form for the group, and is full of the catchy hooks and lyrical witticisms we’ve come to expect from them. Helped out by Sydney eletro-wiz Thief, the group are on the right track to capturing the hearts of listeners all over the country again.

While accompanying album news is so far pretty sparse, the track was accompanied by a promise of a new album in 2017, and if ‘Dopamine’ is anything to go by, we’re in for another banger from the boys.

If you’re keen on putting a little bit of that happiness in your brain, check out their video for ‘Dopamine’ below.