Brissy’s absolute treat of a festival The Blurst of Times is about to roll through Fortitude Valley for another year, and now they’ve let us know which stages we’ll be madly dashing between, glass of Rose in hand.

Lead by Skegss, Royal Headache, Alex Lahey and Ngaiire, the lineup is pretty stacked, and unfortunately there are a few clashes to be had and tough decisions to be made.

There’ll be plenty to keep you busy between sets, too; taking place across the tight-knit venues of The Brightside, The Foundry and Black bear Lodge, the festival’s weird wrinkle this year will be “Rosé, frosé and all other kinds of ‘osé’ inspired beverages” at a special ‘Summer of Rosé’ bar – even though summer is well past us now – as well as shotgun weddings from an Elvis impersonator.

Blurst sold out in 2016, so grab your tix now to avoid missing out, and start mapping out your route.