A.B. Original’s Briggs has done exactly what we expected him to do in his short time on ABC’s news-ish show The Weekly: get stuck into people about Indigenous issues just like he does everywhere else.

So, when Bill Shorten’s Labor Party not only dropped the ball earlier this week, but then proceeded to trip over the ball and face-plant hard into the concrete, Briggs was of course there to skewer the commercial at the heart of the matter, Music Feeds reports.

Since labelled a mistake by the party, the ad in question was apparently pushing for jobs for Australian workers. But, due to casting decisions that were either a) thoughtless, or b) cynically targeted towards predominantly-white communities in certain areas of the country (ding!), Mr. Shorten was left looking like a South Park racist screaming “They terk er jerbs!”

Briggs has now offered his own version of the ad, featuring a cast of Indigenous people who he claims would be happy to play the role of an Australian worker in any further advertising campaigns the party may wish to produce.

His campaign promise?

“A Briggs government will give the jobs of pretending to have other jobs to Indigenous Australian actors.”

That’s a promise we know he’d keep.