British metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon learnt the hard way to be careful what you wish for after front man Oli Sykes was attacked on stage during a concert in Salt Lake City, USA.

The incident began after audience members grew restless, heckling the band and throwing water bottles at them. Outraged, Sykes threw the water all over the crowd announcing for those responsible to either leave or come on stage and fight him.

Needless the say some audience members took that as an invitation and next thing you know the stage was full of pissed of punters who wanted to take a pot shot at the singer. Fan footage has since emerged of the incident which you can watch below.

Sykes was escorted off stage for evaluation. He was noticeably shaken but otherwise unharmed and returned to the stage after 30 minutes to finish the bands set. Bring Me The Horizon were here in Australia earlier this year when they were part of the second lineup announcement for Soundwave.

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