UPDATE: See the full lineup here

With the full announcement for Harvest festival only hours away, anticipation is already at fever pitch. Sigur Ros and Beck already seem likely contenders to headline, while Grizzly Bear’s plans for a new album and world tour make them possible for the bill also; but there’s been another sneaky announcement that all but confirms one of the acts we can expect to see in the official line-up.

Everguide spied a Facebook post earlier today from 90s alt-rockers Cake, that all but confirms their appearance on the Harvest line-up, simply saying, “CAKE will return to Australia in November…

Best-known for their 90s radio hits such as “The Distance”, “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” and “Sheep Go To Heaven”, Cake’s appearance on the Harvest bill ties nicely in with the nostalgia sweeping Australia as reformed acts head down-under. From the good (Aqua’s surprisingly good day-glo Palace performance), the bad (Reef cancelling their Australian tour) to the ugly (S Club 3’s atrocious performance), the last twelve months have seen an influx of 90s groups touring.

The Californians’ visit will mark their first  to Australian soil in six years, and the group were thought all but done until the release of Showroom Of Compassion last year, the band’s first studio record since 2004’s Pressure Chief. 

Watching frontman John McCrea giving his characteristically dry delivery of “Never There” to the teeming crowds? In a mere few hours, we’ll know for certain…

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