Formed between the green hills of Northern NSW and sprawling suburbia of Brisbane city, Little Casino have been a common name amongst the Brisbane music community for a few years now. Part 60’s garage, part sprawling guitar pop, they play a sun-drenched blend of genres spawned from their surroundings. Fronted by the unique voice of Ben Forbes, backed up by haunting guitars and a huge rhythm section, they are a band not too miss. About to embark on their debut voyage to Melbourne, with a swag of new tunes and a killer single (Bows & Arrows) to boot.

Some of you are from Byron Bay while others are from Brisbane. How did Little Casino come to be?

Ben (Forbes – Vocals) and I (Sam – Guitar) went through high school together in Brisbane. We each did our own musical thing after that, playing in a few bands together and separately, until we both decided it was time to work together the beginning of Little Casino. At the time, I was living and working in Byron but I came up to practice as often as possible, and recently moved back to Brisbane to devote more time to the band and music (and less to highway driving).

Elements of your music are a bit of a throw back to previous musical trends. Which bands have been most influential to your sound? Any we might not expect?

As a band, we have a wide range of musical interests which has created a kind of boiling pot of influences. I love anything old, mainly 60’s psychadelic and surf rock while Ben is always keeping track of the up-and-coming artists and keeping me up to date. I don’t think there’s anything too unexpected…Ben’s always at me to do a Marvin Gaye cover though, maybe thats his secret song writing hero…

Do you prefer the studio or the stage? Which and why?

I’m still trying to decide. As a band, we work very well in the studio- it’s always a low stress affair and I am really interested in that side of things. Then again there’s nothing like playing a really rocking show with a great atmosphere. Toreally work as a band you have to love all of it.

How do you find new music?

I’m lucky enough to walk past a great, tiny record store on my way to work every day and the girls in there are always really onto it. Apart from that, I try to stay on top of whats going on in the local scene. Good music always finds its way to the right people.

How do you like your music? On digital, CD, or vinyl (maybe even cassette)?

I love vinyl! Would love to hold a Little Casino 12’ one day. I don’t like how easy it is for bands to release only ‘single’s’ now, whereas  vinyl’s showcase a collection of songs as a whole-a real songwriting feat.

If you had to choose a top40 song to cover, which would it be and how would you tackle it?

At the risk of sounding like a complete fuckwit, I dont have a clue whats in the Top 40 right now. I really like Lanie Lane’s music…is she in it?

You’re opening for Stonefield later this month at Ding Dong. Both Stonefield and Ding Dong have a huge following in Melbourne. How does it feel to be a part of their re-opening week lineup?

It feels great, we haven’t played in Melbourne before so it’s gonna be a hoot! I think people will really dig our music, and the show at Ding Dong will be a great way to showcase it.

What else have you got coming up in the next 12 months?

We have a heap of songs that are 90% finished (recording wise), so we’re gonna put our heads down and finish it off so we have a record done by the end of the year. and try to hold off live shows for a little while, it’s been a bit crazy lately!

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