If you’ve ever attended a bush doof in the past, you’d know that you might expect to see some strange things while you’re there, but an exorcism probably isn’t one of them.

As Vice have reported, the 2015 Maitreya Music Festival saw a group of documentary makers from a group called The Normal Christian Life attend. In a video published to YouTube with the title of Cast Out Demons, the group are shown performing an exorcism on one of the young punters, who had clearly had a bit of a rough time prior to their meeting.

The video asserts that the young man, who goes by the name of Dylan, was possessed by a demon and was in need of help. It continues to show Dylan as the film makers attempt to cast out the evil they believe to be inside of him. As the demon apparently leaves Dylan, he appears much happier, even breaking down in tears as one of the film makers assures him that Jesus loves him.

As the video shows, the group were operating out of a tent at the festival which was set up as a means to ‘reach the unreached’ in a communal meeting area, and bring religion to them. One of the tent’s organisers claims that he was personally saved by Jesus following what can only be described as a bad trip after ingesting a large amount of LSD.

Numerous punters took a rational view to the events, including one who theorised that the group took advantage of punters like Dylan, who are already in a highly suggestive state while high. They suggested that “by the power of suggestion, they both convinced him he was “possessed” and then subsequently “healed” him”.

Meanwhile, other punters who were in attendance have asked about the legitimacy of the group’s presence at the festival and whether festival organisers knew about the group. In a Facebook post to the festival’s page, one concertgoer stated that the group’s tent was located directly behind the market area, effectively giving them the appearance of a festival-sancitioned tent in which concertgoers could relax.

Regardless of what happened, you can check out the video below and see how crazy it all looks.