A sold-out crowd of Sydney-siders filled the Enmore Theatre to see two incredible singer-song writers from Canada, Bahamas and City and Colour, perform their intimate music. Inside the crowd was a mix of tattooed hardcore kids and the indie go-getters of the surrounding suburb, breaking down the barriers between the two different genres of music.

Bahamas is Afie Jurvanen and his  guitar, the connection just one person on-stage, spilling their soul made was unbelievable. Playing a variety of songs, including “Lost In The Light”, “Already Yours” and “Hockey Teeth,” found the crowd clapping along in many of them.

He joked with the crowd, and added to Sydney’s ego, by saying it was “more exciting than Canberra,” before stressing that his hopes to play Sydney again in the near-future. The crowd lapped up his banter, and particularly his closing song, “Caught Me Thinking”. Although a short set, Jaurvanen managed to capture the crowd, no doubt obtaining a bunch of new fans.

Before any member of the highly-talented City And Colour had even touched an instrument, the 2000-strong crowd was going wild, with many female fans screaming their adoration, something that occurred regularly throughout the night whenever there was a lull in sound.

Over the last eight years, City and Colour have produced three incredible CDs, the crowd on Monday was treated with a multitude of songs from all three.  Starting off with “We Found Each Other In The Dark” and “Natural Disaster,” while later “Sleeping Sickness” was a easily a fan-favourite, with the room erupting with noise during the opening bars.

If the girls weren’t already swooning, they sure were when Green dedicated “The Grand Optimist” to his mother in the wake of Mother’s Day. It was moments like these, as well as him thanking the crowd after the majority of the songs, that showed just how modest and shy this talented man is. At one point even mentioning that he still doesn’t know how to act on stage after all these years.

The most exciting moment for fans however, was a short solo section with Green alone at the guitar, not only was it amazing to see him perform songs in such an intimate way but making “Day Old Hate’s” dedication to the earliest of supporters, all the more personal. He pleaded during “Body In A Box” for everyone to put their cameras and phones away. Stressing the importance of enjoying the moment, not capturing it. So mesmerised were the crowd, that the applause that followed seemed endless.
He then treated the crowd to a cover of Kimbra’s “Settle Down”, which he nailed and played as if it was one of his own, before encouraging a sing-a-long in “What Makes A Man,” splitting the room in half to sing parts of the chorus.

Although City and Colour is essentially Dallas Green’s baby, it would not be the same without the talented band behind him.  When they returned to the stage for the second half, Green introduced each member, including one Afie Jurvanen of Bahamas.

“The Girl” followed, a clear spine-shivering moment, as members of the audience caressed each other. “Little Hell” followed immediately after, prompting one fan to screech “sing my brother happy birthday” which Green took as an opportunity to segue into “Waiting,” saying “It’s like a birthday song… it’s about dying.”

“The Girl” had everyone singing and their caressing loved ones. This was the obvious favourite and the intensity of it sent shivers down your spine.

“Fragile Bird” and “Weightless” followed, before the gig came to an unexpected and sad ending leaving most of the crowd in shock. Finally after what seemed like a life time for the baying crowd – though wasn’t even two minutes— Green and co. returned to play an encore of “Comin’ Home,” which the crowd happily relished, singing the word ‘Sydney’ with a collective patriotism that flooded the room with grins and cheers.

– Marissa Hudson