No Control is a welcoming entry from the Brisbane band, in their subdued indie style. While apparent expert musicians, there is a sense of yearning for some guts which one hopes will be provided by a full album in the near-future.

The track “No Control” is a decent song, with melodic undertones similar to Cold War Kids. Atmospheric and uplifting, it does seem to form the foundation for the dream like quality to the music. “Interlude” has a dark, sexy quality to the vocals that Jarryd Klapper pulls off with a smooth, almost bluesy way that has a slick feel to the ears.

“For You” has a droll quality with perfect harmonies, sexy guitar breakdowns and a spirit of underlying energy – yet just doesn’t quite win over the discerning listener. There is an anticipation built by the song that is never quite fulfilled. Although beautifully written and executed, it lacks a bit of gusto.

Meanwhile “Open Your Eyes” offers so much promise and the breakdown into the chorus breathes life into the music. It shows the extent that Holland can go to when there is a bit of old fashion passion injected straight into their veins. The guitar work is precise and exciting, with the bass line holding steady time and quick, precise vocals that are pitch perfect. Many will hold hope that a future album will include some more passion, as when they use it, it’s definitely a strong point for these Brissy boys.

– Belynda Reid