One of Corey Taylor’s pet peeves is people who turn up at rock shows only to watch the entire gig through their phone screen.

Last year he slapped a phone out of a fan’s hands at a gig, and hasn’t been at all apologetic about it.

Now he tells Loudwire Nights: “My thing has always been, it’s fine. Bring your phone, take pictures, do whatever you want. But why? Like, you’re there. Take pictures, it’s fine, do but why are you filming it? It’s one thing to film it, it’s another thing to just be staring at your screen while you’re filming it. It’s right there. Are you so terrified of real life that you can’t do anything unless it’s on that little four-by-four screen? Ugggh. It’s very weird.”

Taylor’s most memorable rant on the topic came last year, shortly after the slapping incident, when he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “I don’t mind people who take pictures. I don’t even mind people who shoot video. I love that, because you’re still engaged in the show.

“A lot of people get the wrong idea; they think that if I just see someone on their phone, I’m trying to rage quit their fun. I’m not trying to do that at all. But if I see someone, and it’s so obvious they’re not even there, you’ve got to poke them with a stick to get their attention sometimes. Sometimes that means smacking the phone out of their hands.

“You can hate me all you want. It’s not going to stop me from smacking those things out of people’s hands.”