Introducing Tone Deaf

Tone Deaf is one of Australia’s leading authorities on local and international music culture and industry. We have a commitment and passion for supporting the local music community, as well as delivering fun, informative, and hopefully thought provoking insight into the issues affecting music today.

Part of Seventh Street Media, Tone Deaf has a large team of writers and photographers in every state and territory of Australia, as well at New Zealand, and the United States.

We’re first and foremost obsessive music fans, but most of our team are also music industry professionals, giving us a unique perspective that informs our entire editorial approach.

This allows us to keep a firm finger on the music pulse in Australia and around the world, and permits us to offer a critical take on the music business in our own unique style.

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  • Editorial Staff

    Poppy Reid
    Managing Editor

    Brandon John

    Nathan Jolly
    Senior Writer


    Luke Girgis

  • Photographers

    Chelsea Dennison
    Elena Ksefteris
    Jordan Tan
    Julia Lay
    Kyle Butcher
    Lindsay Bulach
    Mikki Gomez
    Nikki Williams
    Peter Dovgan
    Tanya Voltchanskaya
    Steph Conwell
    Tasha Strahan
    Tony Proudfoot
    Vincent Shaw
    Yana Amur

  • Writers

    Adrian Pedic
    Belinda Healy
    Genevieve Gao
    Kieron Byatt
    Kyle Butcher
    Kylie Cobb
    Luke Henriques-Gomes
    Monique Mitchell
    Nick Cheek
    Nige Moyes
    Paul Busch
    Sean A'Hearn
    William Gregory
    Laura Kebby
    Tyler Jenke