In yet another win for the crowd funding model, the highly anticipated documentary feature on Australian punk legends the Cosmic Psychos has reached 100% of its $28,000 goal with Australian crowd funding site

For what had been initially a self-financed project, Director Matt Weston thought he’d give the crowd funding model a shot to try and raise half of the funds required to complete the project, based on similar successes with American music documentaries funded through

Using the online crowd-funding platform, The Cosmic Psychos “urged fans to dig through their archives for live footage, video interviews and photos from all eras of the band’s career before locking into final edit mode”.

Along with asking for fan contributions in a media sense, the band are also using the website for a fundraising drive to assist with the film’s production costs, and the strong trailer featuring Eddie Vedder, Butch Vig, The Melvins and Mudhoney, resonated with both old fans and music fans alike, with over 11k hits coming from the US alone.

Pledgers to the documentary receive rewards, everything from a limited edition producer T-shirt and invitation to the launch party in country Victoria for $100, through to the band playing in your shed or cooking you a 3 course meal for $5000, ensuring that the target was reached in only 30 days!

The campaign is still active until the 31st August giving fans and supporters the opportunity to still contribute. The film will complete production by December 2012, and screenings are expected for early 2013.

The Cosmic Psychos are essentially an Australian punk rock institution, the Melbourne underground act have spent thirty years touring and playing hard, with thirteen albums and a wealth experience under their belt, they’re now planning a comprehensive documentary to cover their long and woolly history.

Suitably titled Blokes You Can Trust, The Cosmic Psychos documentary follows the adventures of band leader Ross Knight – self-described “famer, father, weightlifter, frontman and the bloke who rides the bulldozer.” With the production “already 70% complete” the band, in conjunction with production company Syndicate Films are calling out to fans to help finish their film project.

You can watch the trailer for the film below.