The Cosmic Psychos are essentially an Australian punk rock institution, the Melbourne underground act have spent thirty years touring and playing hard, with thirteen albums and a wealth experience under their belt, they’re now planning a comprehensive documentary to cover their long and woolly history.

Suitably titled Blokes You Can Trust, The Cosmic Psychos documentary follows the adventures of band leader Ross Knight – self-described “famer, father, weightlifter, frontman and the bloke who rides the bulldozer.” With the production “already 70% complete” the band, in conjunction with production company Syndicate Films are calling out to fans to help finish their film project.

Using online crowd-funding platform Pozible,  The Cosmic Psychos have “urged fans to dig through their archives for live footage, video interviews and photos from all eras of the band’s career before locking into final edit mode”. Along with asking for fan contributions in a media sense, the band are also using the website for a fundraising drive to assist with the film’s production costs.

Open for 59 days and already raising nearly $5,000 of their projected target of $28,000, the group are also offering a series of rewards for pledgers of the project. Those donating can offer as little as $25 for a simple ‘thank you’ in the credits, while the truly hardcore can offer a pledge of $25,000 which earns them the title of co-producer, the entire Cosmic Psychos discography and even a “three-course dinner for four mates cooked by the Psychos themselves!”

Based on financial contributions from fans, Blokes You Can Trust is expected to finish completion by the end of the year with screening details to be announced for early 2013. But the band’s Pozible site urges that if their miminum target of $28,000 is not met, the documentary can not be completed.

So if you want to help piece together a part of Australian punk music history, or simply want to get your hands on some exclusive Cosmic Psychos merch (coloured vinyl! stubbie holders!) while helping a good cause in the process – you better go put your money where your mouth is.

You can watch a trailer for the upcoming doco, Blokes You Can Trust, below: