When it comes to movies, Edgar Wright is a director whose work is almost universally loved for his style, attention to detail, and consistent quality. From his work on Shaun Of The DeadHot Fuzz, and his newest classic, Baby Driver, Wright’s reputation precedes him wherever he goes. While we’ve already talked about how he wants to work with King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard on a music video, Wright has also shared some of the Aussie bands he loves, and how he’d love to put King Gizzard’s music in one of his films.

Speaking to triple j Breakfast this morning, Wright admitted that he’s a major fan of Aussie music. “I’m thinking about Australian bands that I really love,” he started. “Obviously Tame Impala, but also Courtney Barnett, Pond, and I like that artist, I think it’s Olympia?” While Olympia’s name might have escaped him, his love of Aussie music certainly didn’t stop there.

“I tell you the other band I’ve seen twice in the last year, and I really, genuinely love, and I think I’m going to meet them in Melbourne, is King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. My favourite album of last year was Nonagon Infinity,” he admitted. “I went to see them at the Reading Festival, and I went with Nigel Godrich, Radiohead’s producer, and Dangermouse. What’s funny is that I knew the album off by heart but Nigel didn’t, and Nigel was into it, but leant over to me at one point and said, this is like four songs in, he said ‘Is this all the same song?’ I said, ‘The album is just like that, the album is just non-stop for 60 minutes.'”

While Wright had said previously that he wants to work with the band on a video, his mention of a meeting with the group in Melbourne could be just that. Wright also told triple j Breakfast that if he were to get the chance, he’d love to utilise his love of music and slip a King Gizz track into the soundtrack. “If there was a Baby Driver sequel,” he said. “I would make one just so I could use ‘Gamma Knife’ in the car chase… What a song!”

Let’s face it though, with the amount of quality Aussie music around the place, and Edgar Wright’s uncanny ability to make brilliant films with perfect soundtracks, the idea of Baby Driver 2 with Courtney Barnett, Tame Impala, Pond, Olympia, and King Gizz on the soundtrack is almost too good to imagine. Let’s start hoping it all comes to fruition in the future.

Check out part of Edgar Wright’s interview below.