We’re sure Courtney Love has a complex relationship with Nirvana’s back-catalogue, considering she’s the widow of the legendary band’s frontman, but she has just taken to Intagram to chat to her fans about which of their countless iconic tracks are her favourite.

As NME reports, an Instagram live session last night saw her begin a discussion with fans about the topic, and her first choice was a predictable one. Having once claimed the track was written about her own vagina, it’s no surprise that she chose In Utero cut ‘Heart Shaped Box’ as her #1.

Undeniable Nevermind classic ‘In Bloom’ also scored a nod, but otherwise it was all In Utero, with opener ‘Serve The Servants’ and ‘Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle’ also making the cut.

The Hole frontwoman wasn’t the only celebrity there, it turns out, with NME pointing out that American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson stopped by to laud Love as “a true genius”.