Hi, I’m Tim Nelson of Cub Scouts.

You’re working in the studio at the moment, what exactly are you in the process of recording now?

We’ve just finished recording the title track for our EP, which we’re releasing in July.

How do you guys go about writing and recording, is there a certain process or does the magic just happen?

I write the songs then take them to the band and we arrange them together. We’ve worked with producer John Castle on this EP and he has definitely brought a bit of magic to the process.

2012 has been a huge year for you guys so far with the success of Evie and Do You Hear, supporting fellow triple J Unearthed artists Ball Park Music and getting a spot on Laneway, what’s been the highlight for you guys so far?

Apart from playing lots of sold-out shows, touring with Ball Park Music was awesome. Just getting to watch their set eighteen times was so good.

What’s inspired you to cover such well known hits from artists like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Washington, Adele and even Willow Smith?

All of those covers were requests from various people. The catchiness of pop songs appeals to me. You have to be a really good songwriter to come up with something that just sticks in peoples’ heads. I think that ‘Toxic’ is an incredible song, seriously. Whoever wrote that song is amazing.

You’ve got a headlining show coming up at the Grace Darling, can we expect to hear plenty of new material from the upcoming recordings?

Yes you can! It’s all completely new except for ‘Evie’ and ‘Do You Hear’. You’ll get to hear pretty much all of the songs that will be on the new EP

What’s next for Cub Scouts? – is a debut album on the horizon?

At this stage we’re focusing on getting our debut EP out. We’ve got more than an album’s worth of songs recorded now, but we don’t want to rush it and release an album until we’re definitely ready.

What would you say is the best and worst thing about Australian music?  

Best thing is that there is such a wide range of genres and styles and the majority of it is good. The worst thing is that Australia is so far away from Europe and USA, so it’s not as easy to do international touring.

Finally, you seem to be huge fans of shopping sprees what’s the newest item of clothing you’ve just bought? 

Haha, I think the last Cub Scouts clothing purchase was Dan buying a cap.