A month go Dappled Cities gave us their first new music since 2009’s critically acclaimed Zounds, with the Moto GP video for “Run With The Wind”, followed by a successful East Coast tour; and today comes the news that the bands are prepped to drop their fourth full-length record.

The Sydney indie-rock quartet have named it Lake Air and scheduled the August 3rd for its imminent, and highly-anticipated, arrival. It also marks the record to be released through HUB The Label, a new partnership between HUB Arist Services and record label, Inertia.

Three years in the making while the band were living and working in London, Like Air is described by the band as “wild, breezy, thrilling, lofty and anything but ordinary.”

“The journey of this album was long and difficult, but the music that came out of it is so full of joy and happiness” says vocalist, Tim Derricourt in a press release for the album. “It’s everything we’ve ever been,” he continues, “it’s got experimentation, wildness and melody. It gives me the sense that I get every now and again that we could keep doing this for another twenty years – or more.”

Recorded across Paris, Los Angeles and their hometown of Sydney, the album is the first co-production from the band, teaming up with Jarrad Kritzstein. A young US producer whose previously worked in depth with Washington. Joining on production for Lake Air was British mixer Cenzo Townshend, whose lent his skills to the likes of Bloc Party, Florence + The Machine, Interpol and New Order.

Reports from the band suggest that the complex sonic layers of their breakthrough album, Zounds, have been simplified for a sparser sound to the group’s previous efforts. With the rediscovery of their youth being a main theme, the four members of Dappled Cities having formed in their teens before their rise to fame.

Lead single “Run With The Wind” is confirmed as the lead track for Lake Air, with other titles including “Love Conncetion”, “Work In The Mould”, “Born At The Right TIme” and “The Leopard”.

You can reacquaint yourself with the lead single, and speed-bike-featuring video, below: