The Melbourne artist Owl Eyes warmed up the stage for the much anticipated Darwin Deez at the Hifi bar. Song writer and vocalist Brook Addamo’s sweet honey toned voice gave the crowd a sugar hit, and with her electro-pop vibes accompanied by elements of jazz and hip-hop delivered a sincere and dreamy performance. Promoting her debut single ‘Faces’ she created a laid back atmosphere to loosen the punters up, although there was little connection felt between artist and audience. Addamo seemed completely intertwined with her music, her saucy free flowing dance movements and lyrics echoing the experience.

Darwin Deez’ Melbourne sideshow while in the country for the Groovin’ The Moo festivals was one not to miss. The night saw him performing songs from his self titled debut, giving fans an insight to the unique genius that is Darwin Deez.

The eccentric bunch of New Yorkers revealed to the audience that they are a DIY band, each member set foot on the stage tuning their instruments, even Darwin himself placed down his effects rack and set up his own mic stand. The crowd grew unruly as they waited for the show to commence, but when the brilliant white lights beamed and sudden gospel cries screamed from the P.A system vibrating towards the crowd everyone was on board for the ride. The four band members lined up facing the audience for an energetic display of head banging to then smoothly transition to their third single‘Up In The Clouds’. The tight jeaned hipster crowd’s heart beats grew stronger as the the first few riffs of ‘DNA’ were unleashed. Heads moving, fringes flicking and arms waving, Darwin Deez cranked up the volume as they kicked in to ‘Radar Detector’.

A peculiar burst of synchronized dancing to a wild mix of songs ranging from Enya’s ‘Sail Away’ to ‘Animal’ by Miike Snow invited the audience into the artistically abstract world of Darwin Deez. The minimalist approach to music with catchy melodies, strong pulses and repetitive riffs allows Darwin’s obtuse lyrics to shine through. As the audience roared “encore” the band ripped in to debut single ‘Constellations’ with the whole venue joining in. Darwin Deez are certainly a bunch of oddballs, but they’re immensely fun to watch.

–       Rachel McLaren