It seems when the Canadian electronic act, Deadmau5 isn’t busy quashing death rumours or simply being controversial, he’s finding time to lure rockstars away from their genre of choice. My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has lent his skills to an upcoming dance single from house producer Deadmau5.

NME reports that the collaboration between the mouse-helmeted engineer and Way, entitled ‘Professional Griefers’, features the My Chem singer spouting lines like “we want the cash and the junk you’re after” over a relentless crunch of four-to-the-floor electronics and big beat rhythms.

The single will be released through the producer’s own mau5trap label on September 2, and plans are already underway for an “epic” promo video for the track that will be unveiled in August.

Interestingly NME notes that the Deadmau5/Gerard Way team-up originally leaked online back in March, but neither performer formerly confirmed their name to it until now. Ironically, it surfaced the same week in which Deadmau5 posted a rant against musical collaborations on his tumblr, writing about being offered “big name” collaborations from labels:

“Do you want to do a track with big name X, remix huge pop act y, etc etc. No.  I fucking don’t. I really REALLY don’t.”

Turns out now he really REALLY does. Though it’s not the first time Deadmau5 has dipped his toe into a rock crossover, having remixed Foo Fighters’ ‘Rope’ in the lead up to the release of 2011’s Wasted Light. The Canadian producer even took to the stage with Grohl and co. during last year’s Grammy Awards.

In related news, My Chemical Romance are currently in the studio working on the follow up to 2010’s Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killboys 

Way and My Chemical Romance are currently recording a follow-up to their last album, 2010’s ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killboys’, no word as yet if Way has asked Deadmau5 to help him and his band take the full-on electro-plunge; and fingers crossed he doesn’t.

You can have a listen to the Gerard Way featuring Deadmau5 track below, and decide for yourself if it really does either of them any justice: