Death From Above, the Canadian dance-punk duo formerly known as Death From Above 1979, and before that known as… Death From Above, have announced their third album, Outrage! Is Now, which is due to be released in just a few weeks.

As NME reports, Death From Above are set to release Outrage! Is Now on September 8th. “We are committed to evolution,” said Death From Above vocalist and drummer Sebastien Grainger. “This record is the sound of the two us pushing at the walls. We want there to be space, surprises and action!”

“The myth of what we should be didn’t exist any more. There was never a moment where we took a conventional path – either writing or recording,” Grainger continued. Bassist Jesse F. Keeler also spoke of the record’s composition: “This record is very much the result of the environment and experiences of the last five years. If we didn’t have struggle, life would be really fucking boring. These songs are an anti-boredom manifesto.”

Back in June, the group released ‘Freeze Me’, their first new track since 2014’s The Physical World. The group also announced that they were changing their name back to Death From Above, having previously been forced to add the ‘1979’ suffix due to a cease-and-desist letter from Death From Above Records (co-founded by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy).

At the time, they also announced that their third record would arrive sooner rather than later, promising fans they wouldn’t have to wait another ten years for a follow-up. Now, they’ve made good on their promise.

To sweeten the deal though, the group have also released a brand new single from the record; the brilliant ‘Never Swim Alone’, which you can hear below.