Old school jazzy, bluesy, folk –  all are bundled into the the debut album, O, Devotion!, from Liz Green. The ten track album is superbly crafted with a balance of lyrics conveying modern aspirations, coupled with folk tales and smokey numbers that will transport you to the roaring twenties.

Green was first taken note of when she graced the stage at Glastonbury festival six years ago during the emerging talent competition, which has taken her on a journey to produce the brilliant O, Devotion!. The long wait has been worth it for fans though, with the success of the end product being an album to truly be proud of. Green’s hauntingly beautiful voice carries her lyrics through tales and triumphs.

There is no shortage of quality tracks on the album, the album opener, Hey Joe, is slow and mellow with the simple acoustic guitar strumming away. Telling the story of the titular Joe, with the occasional ‘whoosh’ of the gong ringing out.

In the song French Singer the lines, “I want to be a French singer, I’d sing for you, my lover, all night/ Then maybe we’d learn to float above it all”, are sung in such a way that you feel like you are walking back in time to a jazz club in Paris.

The limited backing band throughout the album highlights Green’s unique voice and where the acoustic backing does come in, their soft and warming sounds enhance the soulful sound of her voice.

Liz Green is one of those unique old souls with the ability to tell stories that can take you to another place, an ability that translates well into the music world, and will certainly make people take notice.

– Shannon Wood