Die Antwoord have made a career as much from their genuinely bonkers video clips as their actual music, with the most recent example being one of the most bizarre yet, a borderline-pornographic horror tale featuring a rat-faced, ejaculating Jack Black.

Like I said, bonkers – but also just the latest example of the band’s ability to push the shock factor and creepiness up more and more with every new release, and it turns out it’s all been building towards an over-arching TV series they’re making, known as ‘South African Ninja’.

The South African duo have just dropped a new trailer for the project, also serving as a highlight reel of some of the most confronting moments we’ve seen from them over the years, packed full of blood, sex, weaponry and weed smoke.

The band are currently finishing off their world tour in support of their apparent final album The Book of Zef, and perhaps they’re planning to turn their attention to acting and directing full-time once that whole music thing is over and done with.

They’ve had a pretty rough time with Hollywood so far, having starred in the slightly disappointing robot flick Chappie and accused the train-wreck superhero film Suicide Squad of ripping them off for its aesthetic, but we don’t doubt they’ve got what it takes to put together a show that is, at the very least, worth a watch.

And hey, they’ve always got their own brand of weed to keep them afloat if need be.