Resident badboy Thomas Wesley Pentz, more commonly recognised under the moniker Diplo, has just landed himself in boiling hot water after the loose-lipped producer took to his personal Twitter account, posting some very derogatory messages to an artist he allegedly stole from.

Diplo recently posted a promotional video on his Instagram account which featured some cartoon artwork of Brooklyn-based artist Rebecca Mock without her permission, prompting Mock to reach out to the super producer ordering him to give her credit, and as Fact point out, Diplo responded in the most horrific of ways.

The Grammy award winning DJ did one right thing, crediting Mock for her artwork on his video, however he also berated her publicly as he responded to her Tweets (which have since been removed) hurling offensive taunts in her direction:

And on the shameful Tweets continued:

Before he closed:

As we noted, Diplo has since removed the offensive Tweets, appearing somewhat remorseful as he posted an apparent apologetic message:

This is disappointing behaviour to see from Diplo especially considering he has a staggering 1.33 million Twitter followers who could have read his harsh words. The producer has been known to post some questionable material online and this time he’s certainly thrown a lot of his credibility out the window.

Although it’s difficult to make a positive out of such a situation, but we encourage you to check out Rebecca Mock’s artwork, it’s incredible.