Following debut Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, May has apparently dropped the ukulele for the time-being, but has not lost any of the simple charm of that instrument on his follow-up, Do Things.

Alongside heavy use of synth, there are hints of Pet Sounds (‘Tell Her’), mixed with ‘80s pop (‘Wedding Day’), soft ska (‘Home Groan’) and a touch of doo-wop (the title track).

May might indeed be encouraging us to ‘do things’, but don’t be misled. From the relaxed beats that underpin his relaxed vocals, to the relaxed man lounging on an air mattress – sandwiched between blue lake and cloudless sky – on the cover of the album; the record’s message seems to be one more of acceptance for what is, than of a driving urge to change what will be.

The lyrics could also be described as relaxed – even bordering on lazy – and the album does tend to blend in on itself, as albums of the glow-fi variety are wont to do. Yet, as is often the case with its fuzzy peers, this is not a strong criticism. Music of this kind is often better left to create a mood, than as fodder for deep introspection. And in this, May succeeds.

– Serrin Prior