As if their beautiful collection of music videos isn’t already the perfect thing to stare at when you’re a bit fried, King Gizz have got something even better for you: one of their full sold-out gigs from the Nightcat filmed in 360 glorious degrees.

Shot with five camera by the legends at Banalarama (who you may know from their brilliant live concert series ABABCd) and Resolution Media, it captures every minute of the almost two-hour-long gig – one of a ridiculous eight sold-out gigs in a row at the venue in support of their latest LP, Flying Microtonal Banana.

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube right now, but if you’ve got one of those VR headsets on you (even the cheapo ones you plug your phone into), you can make yourself properly sick – especially as there are crowd-surfing segments filmed from a first-person view.

There are two separate sets to watch, too: one running through the new album in its entirety, and another playing a selection of their many older hits, so give them both a watch below.